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General terms and conditions travel ALPIO BV


Each new version replaces the old running. This new version is released on 01-09-2019.




ALPIO BV is a company under Dutch law, with its registered office at Sleepnetstraat 493 – 2584 GD The Hague - The Netherlands, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague under n° 27305991. By using the sites and accepting the information provided by ALPIO BV offered package holidays or own transport trips, travellers agree to the general and special sales values ​​and declare that they fully agree with all provisions. Some services, such as transport, may be subject to special conditions which the traveller is requested to consult.


Services acquired directly from the service provider are not subject to these general and special conditions of sale. In this case, ALPIO BV is not the partner with which you have entered into an agreement. Please note: a deposit may be requested on site, in particular for the rental of accommodation and equipment. For more information in this regard, please contact the relevant service provider directly, without any intervention or responsibility from ALPIO BV.




1. At creation of a booking, a down payment of 30% of the total agreed price of the reservation to be fulfilled. The balance amount is at least 30 days prior to departure to be met. In case of late payment, the trip be cancelled, without that the customer may recover amounts already paid. Some travel and late booking (less than 42 days before departure) will be invited to the full payment at the same time as the booking. Also in the case of loose egg scheduled services and Charter flights must immediately be paid the entire price of the reservation. At last minute bookings can, if necessary, to send the travel documents under special conditions, additional fee will be charged. 

2. Any booking is considered an offer by the customer to conclude an agreement with ALPIO BV. The agreement between the passenger and ALPIO BV is finally came about after ALPIO BV the reservation has been confirmed by electronic mail (e-mail) or by letter. This date is regarded as reservation date, where the purchase price payment commitment is in force. 

3. The main Booker is also 
liable for his fellow travelers, for the financial obligations arising from this agreement.




1. The on our Internet sites indicated prices shall be determined on the basis of the following economic data: transport prices and exchange rates. 

2. ALPIO BV has the right to change the prices of our products, up or down, according to the following; 

Changes in the rate of exchange: when the  fluctuation in rate of exchange is more than 3% the consequences will be the past on. These changes will be put true to a all products and services.  

Changes in the transportation costs, taxes and charges will be passed on to the price of the traveler. Already registered travelers will be informed by ALPIO BV  via email or by letter. 

The on our Internet sites published prices are minimum prices for the requested date, based on a maximum occupation. Nevertheless, the availability is limited and the reservation take place in real-time. ALPIO B.V. therefore points out that an existing trip for a certain price booked can be booked simultaneously when multiple users capture the same journey. The first reservation takes precedence. When a trip is booked and there are no more places available, the traveler will be informed via email or by letter. The traveler will get alternatives offered subject to availability. If the customer declines the payment will be refunded without delay. 

4. The agreed prices for a journey or stay shall be determined on the basis of the number of nights. In the length of stay are the day of departure (from convocation) and the day of return on the time of arrival, included. Therefore, you cannot claim on any fees when the imposed by the airline times, the first and/or the last day would be shortened by a late arrival and/or an early departure time. For some services on the spot, such as the ski lifts, the day of departure and arrival not included in the length of stay. 

5. As the description of the hotel services and other services has been drawn up during our visit on the spot, in the meantime, changes have taken place (extra or defective facilities). ALPIO will, to the extent possible, propose to the traveler to inform with reservation, if the Website has not been updated. 

6. Own transport: when traveling by own transport, the traveler should have an international insurance and license plate for his/her car. ALPIO BV cannot be held liable for delays which the passenger incurs by technical problems or traffic congestion on the means of transport, and any resulting damages or expenses. This also includes  cancellation costs as a result of a late arrival at ports and/or hotels.  

7. Sports: when renting sports equipment or games (ski, snowboard, games, etc. …) a deposit is regularly asked for. This is refunded when the rented equipment  is returned in good condition. 

8.  Pets: as far as possible ALPIO BV gives a description if pets are allowed and under what conditions at the accommodation. (heading ' pets allowed ' on the sites). If this is not listed then the customer must believe that pets are not allowed or win information at ALPIO before making a booking. ALPIO cannot be claimed on charges that was settled for pets, regardless of whether or not they were made according to the description of the accommodation.  

9. Without the intervention of ALPIO, directly on the spot reserved services are not covered by the application of these General and special conditions of sale. ALPIO can accept no responsibility for additional charges or cancellation fees resulting from these services. 

10. In no case are included in the price; cost of the passport, visas, vaccinations and other formalities, cancellation insurance and/or travel assistance, snow insurance, drinks, facultative excursions, gratuities, personal expenses: telephone, drink, tourist taxes, airport services, airport transfers and all other, not in booking confirmation services listed. 

11. ALPIO BV accepts no responsibility for any mandatory services which at destination (tourist tax, cost for cleaning of bathroom and toilet, bed linen etc.) These services are for display purposes on the accommodation vouchers. 

12. Offers or discounts may not, under any circumstances be retroactively. Customers cannot make a claim at offers, discounts or reductions published after the date of reservation.




1. Via iDEAL: postings on our sites are handled with iDEAL. All internet bank users of ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, SNS Bank, SNS Regio Bank, Van Lanschot and Triodos Bank can pay with ideal.

2. By bank transfer: customers who cannot make use of iDEAL are allowed to do a transfer on the following bank account number. The Hague RABONL2U Rabobank NL42 RABO 0140 1628 44 The customer will receive an e-mail with the total amount of the booking and the above mentioned bank account number to transfer to. When ALPIO BV has not received the payment within 7 days, the booking will be cancelled. Any additional costs for foreign transfers shall be borne by the customer. 



1. Bus transportation 

Please observe the following points: 
• When this kind of travel and in particular at night travel, it is important to consider with your fellow passengers. 
• When some connections, the passenger will be asked to switch to another bus. 
• due to unforeseen circumstances where the driver has no influence on, arrival times and departure times vary. ALPIO BV cannot be held liable for any such changes, which no right to discount or compensation. 
• playback of video tapes and DVDs are fully under the responsibility of the driver. 
• the road traffic regulations provides that smoking is prohibited in the bus. 
• the traveler may be held liable for the consequences arising from a prolonged caused a halt of the vehicle. 
• the wearing of seatbelts is compulsory. 

2, Own transport
At ALPIO you for reservations on the basis of own transport, directly in apartment or hotel. On the day of arrival the guests expect from 3 p.m. (17 hours at the residences) and for 19 hours. On the day of departure, the guests the hotel or apartment to leave for 11 hours. 

Late arrivals (after 5 pm) serve travelers this, for 19 hours, by phone to log on to ALPIO or directly with the accommodation provider. Such agreements can be made regarding the receipt of the keys. 

When the traveler ALPIO not before 7 pm informs ( +31 (0)618132615 ), and the first night as a result not spent in the accommodation, the client is entirely responsible. Even if the indicated on the travel documents, may later times no claim to be done on a hotel stay or a fee for the costs arising from here. 

4. Special conditions
- ALPIO BV cannot be held liable for delays during the transfers by plane, by train or by car, regardless of the reason that a passenger is not timely reports on departure, also in case of force majeure, unforeseen circumstances or situations caused by third parties. 

- On returning to the country of origin is ALPIO BV is in no case liable for an earlier or later arrival where a change in your program results and any inability to use the public transportation or a place of residence. Advisable is to play with. The company ALPIO BV reserves the right, at its own expense, to insert a transfer by train on the whole or a part of the journey, to replace the scheduled bus trip. 

- Because the progress of the bus trip depends on various factors (traffic jams, mechanical problems, accidents, traffic jams, etc.) may be that the bus later than the scheduled time arrives at the place of destination. Everything will be put into operation in order to minimize delays. The traveler can in no way, claim to damages. The duration of the breaks during the journey is announced by the driver or the travel direction. The traveler is responsible for the timely present at the departure of the bus. The departure time on the last day of the stay was mentioned on the already on the outward journey that was distributed program or is identified by the guidance or the hostess on the spot. If passengers do not turn up at the agreed place and time of departure, they must organize their return at their own expense. 

- ALPIO BV undertakes the traveler alike about changes on the on the already received travel documents listed times or pick-up locations, at the time that changes are made known. The traveler should be 15 minutes before departure time to sign in with their luggage, on the location and according to the times listed on the travel documents. ALPIO BV reserves the right to delete a pickup place in less than 15 passengers. People get about 5 days before departure message.




1. In the publications we use the hotel category as adopted in the country concerned. Nevertheless, mostly in the various categories of accommodation and room descriptions on our website, additional information.

Double room: lits-jumeaux or a double bed, depending on the hotel and destination, 
in these rooms is payable.

Triple or quadruple room: lits-jumeaux or a double bed plus the 3rd and 4th bed are often in the form of a bunk bed. triple rooms are mostly a quadruple room, the empty bed should be surrendered, in these rooms is also payable. 

Single room: tends to be a double room, for these rooms a extra fee will be charged. 

Also at apartments are the classifications according to the local standards of the country concerned. In addition, you can use the description of the accommodations and apartments available on our Internet site. 

2. Assignment of the rooms: according to the international hotel rules can be checked in at 14/15 hours and check-out before 11 am to have occurred, regardless of the arrival or departure time (except in special cases). 

The apartments are, regardless of the time of arrival or departure, usually available from 5 pm and leave for 10 hours. In all cases, the customer must confirm this times at ALPIO BV. 

3. Photos and images: everything is run with photos and image properly about the offered facilities. They give the customer an idea about the category and the comfort level of the accommodation, but are in no way binding. The photos and images are not contractual.




For Group bookings and reservations no reservation fee will be charged.

For internet reservations a reservation fee will be charged.

Posting costs may under no circumstances be refunded, even in the case of changes or cancellations can claim for any reimbursement of the cost of the booking.




1. Hotel
Classification: the number of stars indicated in the description of the hotels on the website correspond to the classification established in accordance with the standards of the country concerned. 

Breakfast: room service usually at an additional cost. In some hotels, breakfast is in the form of a buffet. At some hotels, you will receive a breakfast package to prepare the breakfast in the room. 

Lunch (or dinner (buffet: choice dishes or buffets) With possibility to take, sometimes warm dishes are served at the table and appetizers and dessert buffets. 

Half board: the number of meals may not exceed the number of nights. Sometimes it is at night are required to be booked. 

Full pension: the number of meals is never more than the number of nights. 

2. Tourist residence
In tourist residencies, most apartments have a kitchen stove and all cooking utensils. 

In addition, in most apartments pillows and blankets. Bed linen are not always included in the price. This is indicated on your travel documents. 

Guests must provide itself for food, spices, detergent, etc.  



According to the Official Journal of the European community’s LI158 and the directives of the Council, it is imperative that consumers announces all deficiencies relating to the services of the hotel on the spot and in a written way. Hoteliers will refuse any compensation if the complaint is not in writing is presented during the stay. Our hostesses and members have the authority and the command to spot an appropriate solution to take care of, to make your stay as you wish. Complaints must be in writing and reasoned within one month after returning via the travel agency where the booking was made, to be submitted by registered mail or directly at ALPIO BV, established in Witte de Withstraat 137 – 2518 CS Den Haag-Netherlands. Not timely complaints cannot be handled with the same care.




ALPIO BV in no case responsible for the loss, damage or theft of luggage. Luggage areas are not always monitored and do not fall under the responsibility of ALPIO BV, regardless of whether there is no fee to do so. The traveler should be especially good to watch over the piece for boarding and disembarkation and the store in order to take all precautionary measures loss, theft or damage. No insurance covers these risks within our offer, with the exception of risks which without any doubt with the carrier can be recovered. Buses have a very limited luggage space. Per person, there is room for carrying a suitcase or a bag of normal size, a piece of hand luggage and possibly otherwise a set of ski or snowboard equipment per person. All other bulky items (e.g. food packages, hang gliders, extra bags etc will not be loaded upon departure, unless otherwise is agreed and with the written permission of ALPIO BV




1. No abridged or interrupted journey or stay, as well as services to which the participant not use has made, can give rise to reimbursement, regardless of the reason. 

2. The customer must his wishes and relevant important personal data they wish to make in the booking form on the site.


3. no complaint concerning the price of a pending will be taken after return. The client should prior to departure itself to assess whether he agrees with the price. With package holidays is at the same time, agreed with the broad price, not by the tour operator at every price detail of the whole set of services can be entered. 

4. Women who are less than eight months pregnant (at the time of the trip), it should be possible for an exemption of liability to complete and deliver to ALPIO BV. 

5. Complaints must at all times during the stay in writing and submitted to the administrator of the appropriate accommodation. The information on the deficiencies of the contracted services, must be in writing or by 
email to be sent to us. 

6. Disabled passengers: depending on the country and the country laws in force, (inquire about this before departure), some hotels equipped for receiving of disabled persons. For prior agreement should be submitted an application. It is important to report the disability at time of booking. Without mentioning will if the facilities were inadequate, after return no complaint. 

Persons restricted by bad serfdom, motor complaints, age, illness or other causes of limited validity – travelling with or without guidance – by plane, train, bus or land and whose situation special attention or modifications to the services required, without any further delay to log onto reservation so that a special request can be submitted to the service provider.




Travel documents (voucher) will be a few days before departure, by electronic mail (e-mail) sent to the customer. 

ALPIO BV is not responsible for additional charges or cancellation fees resulting from failure to provide proof of the required documents. Participants must themselves take care of all administrative and health formalities, such as passports, identity cards, visas, vaccinations etc. All resulting costs must be paid by the traveler. Having regard to the evolution of political situations and health formalities in some countries, it is the responsibility of the customer before departure information from ALPIO BV concerning the formalities in force on the day of departure.




1. Changes
In these cases is one free modification per dossier, done by the customer online 
(without any interference of our office), within 42 days before departure permitted provided that the date of departure, destination, hotel, accommodation, tour and transport remain unchanged: 

(a) extension of the stay, 
(b) increase in the number of participants, 
(c) name changes 
(d) increase the number of options 

For any other change made by the traveler, not done by the customer online, or a change that is less than 42 days before departure and does not apply to categories a, b, c or d, a 25 euro change fee will be charged. 

A request for name change/substitution can be submitted no later than 14 days before departure.

In all other cases where the day of departure, destination, hotel, accommodation, tour or means of transport is changed, the cancellation policy will apply. Such cancellations are not covered by the cancellation insurance. 

All reserved extras can be booked up to 21 days before departure. ALPIO BV may actually provide extras only when the customer names, first names and birth dates of the participants. 

Generally, an amendment to the transport is not possible. It is not possible to change the names of the participants, to increase the number of persons and to exstend the stay if a flight or bus trip is booked. If the customer wants to change the transport, it shall cancel the booking (see the cancellation policy) and then make a new reservation. 

2. Cancellation

a. cancellations must be per email and/or by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to be expressed. Determines the effective date of cancellation is the date of receipt at the following address: 

ALPIO BV – Sleepnetstraat 493 – 2584 GD Den Haag-Netherlands 

When the customer claims to be entitled to a travel cancellation insurance will be requested supporting documents. 

The cancellation will be processed as soon as the email or letter is received. 

b. when the customer wishes to cancel a booking and the file to the General and special cancellation conditions, an amount of 50 Euros to be withheld at your own risk. Booking fee and any underwriting are non-refundable. 

c. When the customer does not have a cancellation insurance or when the cancellation does not meet the General and special cancellation conditions, then the listed cancellation fees apply 
in the table below. All full or partial cancellations of travel and/or Extras, lead to variable costs associated with ALPIO BV must be met.


Number of days 
before departure

Cancellation fees 
for the trip per person

Cancellation fees 
for the Extras

More than 60:

€ 80,-

€ 19,- 

Between 60 and 45:

35% of the total price of the reservation (minium of €80,-)

35% of the total amount of extras with a minimum of €19,-

Between 45 and 31:

50% of the total price of the reservation (minium of €80,-)

50% of the total amount of extras with a minimum of €19,-

Between 31 and 21:

75% of the total price of the reservation (minium of €80,-)

75% of the total amount of extras with a minimum of €19,-

Less than 21:

100% of the total price of the reservation (minium of €80,-)

100% of the total amount of extras with a minimum of €19,-













No show: 100% of the price and extras. 

Loose flights and/or charters: from time of booking to moment of no-show: 100% of the cost. 

d. for transport, insurance, booking fees and change fee is in no way entitled to a refund. 

e. When the amount due within 30 days of departure are met, retains ALPIO BV reserves the right to cancel a trip. With reservation already paid by the customer, cannot be recovered. ALPIO BV may also claim the unpaid amounts on the basis of the date of receipt of the cancellation in accordance with the above table are due. 

f. When the stay is started, it is considered fully enjoyed and will have no right to a refund. 

g. When the customer, during his stay, decides not to make use of one or more reserved services, no claim can be made at a price reduction by ALPIO BV. 

3. Extras
Cancellations of extras bring the costs referred to in the table. Exception: costs of transport can be recovered under any circumstances. 

All reserved, not used extras (ski pass, bus, material rental, meal packages, ski lessons, etc.) can in no case be recovered at ALPIO BV.




1. When before departure changes take place on the essential elements of the trip, the customer has the possibility, within a week after considering: 

a) to refrain from the trip, which amounts already paid will be refunded without delay, however without possibility to claim any compensation.

b) to accept the changes. You will find enclosed the customer agreement with the changes you made, together with any resulting price reductions or price increase, which the customer at the same time, a waiver of the ability to oppose the uncommitted changes. 

2. In case of force majeure (strikes, bad weather conditions, technical problems, etc.) where the outward journey or parts of the trip is cancelled, 
the tour operator is not bound to a refund of [part of] the travel sum.; damages are excluded. In an amended return as a result of the above cases, the tour operator is only responsible for the agreed services; all others costs are hereby excluded. 

3. Any delays at departure or return, may be caused by noise and the numerous back and return of the equipment, safety rules, strikes, technical defects, weather etc. and particularly when it affects the duration of the planned program, can in no case result in compensation. 

4. Mentioned times are subject to change. When changes occur you will here before departure by the travel agent or by our representative on the spot when the change takes place during your stay, be informed.




In some countries are vaccinations or preventive treatment against malaria is not required, but recommended. The adoption of health measures falls entirely under the responsibility of the traveler. Some simple but effective measures to protect you. Because sometimes several vaccinations are required, it is important to take action in a timely manner. Also, remember in your baggage the usual medicines for first aid. 

The following applies to all our trips; all participants are obliged to have a travel insurance that covers winter sports activities. ALPIO BV also advises all bookers and travelers to make up a contract for a cancellatio insurance. The arrangement of the proper insurance contracts is the responsibility of the traveler.




1. Confidential

ALPIO BV respects your privacy and ensures that your personal data will remain strictly confidential. All information regarding your personal information in accordance with European legislation and Dutch processed directives.


2. By electronic mail sent letters (email: Newsletters)

When you subscribe to the Internet sites leads to sign-up for the newsletters of the firm ALPIO BV. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

3. Personal information
The information transmitted on the sites brings ALPIO BV and its partners, in the possibility to carry out commands. Without a refusal from the user is ALPIO BV is entitled to this information, in addition to the information strictly necessary for the performance of the contract, to pass on to its commercial partners.

ALPIO BV reserves the right to change these privacy conditions to adjust, if changes in the European legislation or case law.




In accordance with article 3 of the Treaty of Rome and the Directives on electronic commerce of 8 June 2000, it is agreed that the sales and user provisions are subject to Dutch law, which the Court of Netherlands is designated in legal disputes.




When ALPIO BV has at some point not lays claim to a contained in this agreement provisions, are all of the above provisions on later still in force and cannot be considered that these are lapse. 

When one of the conditions included in the General provisions be invalid or without effect, if not written it, without affecting the validity of the other provisions, except when the void or without force stated determination was essentially or decisive. In the latter case, the parties will substitute an alternative provision, with equivalent economic impact, match. 

With every situation of force majeure, including the timely failure of telecommunications, strikes of carriers, innkeepers, air traffic controllers, auditors, all obligations and responsibilities of the affected provisions shall be cancelled. ALPIO BV cannot be held liable for the resulting financial implications. This will be fully borne by the traveler.