ALPIO travel events and more is a specialist in the field of active group travel and events. ALPIO was born out of passion for sports and travel, this passion is reflected in all our activities and method of organizing.

The trips/events of ALPIO always have a sporty character, but are nevertheless accessible to a wide audience. You can always count on a healthy dose of adrenaline, effort, adventure, fun and relaxation.


Group travel for a certain target group


ALPIO organizes various trips/events for a particular audience. The participants mostly have the same training (level), age and interests. This creates a good harmony in the group, and this is a success formula for the trip. For years we organize THE Winter Weekend for Young Professionals. At this trip a lot young professionals of various multinationals and ministries participate and more companies join every year.


Tailor-made group holidays 

ALPIO regularly organizes group tours. A broad term for every trip made to the customer's wishes are unique in budget, destination, group size, stay and activities package. Through our years of experience in the most diverse holidays we can identify your desires.

We organize tailor-made holidays for staff associations, friends, clubs, year clubs, fellowships, study and student associations.

The tailor-made holidays are arranged for your own group on the desired departure date by you (you're so not bound to travel dates mentioned on this site). Activities, transport and possibly travel guide is specially arranged for you. Everything is possible at ALPIO and we gladly provide custom work from your specific wishes.

When you like to travel in a group, we recommend to book for one of our ' standard ' group holidays. That’s, of course, also possible individually or when you're with a small group.


Who are our customers?


In recent years many companies have booked at ALPIO including: Ministerie van Algemene, Binnenlandse, Buitenlandse en Economische Zaken, Financiën, Justitie, Landbouw Natuur en Visserij, Volksgezondheid Welzijn en Sport, Colourworks, Continental, DSM, Essent, Friesland Campina, IBM, ING, KPN, Logica, NIBC, Ordina, PierFinance, Philips, PWC, Renault, Sabic, Shell, Siemens, Tele2 and TNO to name but a few.  




For offer request you can of course call use or make use of our enquiry form. We ask you to inform us of our wishes, broad or  already in detail. Like groups size, your wishes for period and travel length, location and accommodation, etc. Please also make clear how we can reach you. We will contact you as soon as possible (within a day), to confirm we received your request and to discuss your wishes.


We’ll be happy to serve you!


ALPIO travel events and more
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