Kitesurf camp Dakhla


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Kitesurf camp Dakhla

Kite camp Dakhla Marocco Period March 18th until March 26th 9 days  Prices now € 1.295,-  

From March 18th until March 26th we’re going to Dakhla again. You can choose for one of the weeks or for the whole period!


18-03 until 22-03 NOW € 1.295,- p.p.


In the middle of the Western Sahara thirty kilometres from the city of Dakhla there is a blue lagoon, where all year round you will find nice weather and perfect wind conditions. Because it is a large bay, the water is perfectly flat and for a large part shallow. This makes Dakhla perhaps one of the best kite surfing spots in the world.


In the city of Dakhla there’s a fun and relaxed atmosphere. You can experience the Moroccan culture; the beauty that this city has to offer will overwhelm you. The beaches are white and tropical, swarming with pink flamingos. While kitesurfing you'll frequently see dolphins. The people in Dakhla are particularly friendly and very welcoming. It is also nice to have Karim as a travel guides nearby, cause he can speak Dutch, English and Arabic. He is often useful as an interpreter.


The desert (the Sahara!) Is very nice. You can also experience 'sandboarding' here. But on this trip we mainly will be kitesurfing. Off the coast of Dakhla, there are also some nice 'lefthanders' (left waves) which are very good to improve your kite skills in the waves.




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18-03 until 22-03 NOW € 1.295,- p.p.

Price from: € 1.395,- p.p.
Inclusive: flight, transfer, accommodation (full pension), Departure from Amsterdam.


Exclusief.: Kite lessons + travel- and/or cancelation insurance + reservation costs.



Kite surf lessons 3 days 3 hours per day inclusive material € 150,-


Minimum 10 an maximum 20 persons per group. 


For more information or other dates, please contact us via



Kite conditions Dakhla

In Dakhla you have great weather all year round, it is on average between twenty and 28 degrees. They do not have cold winter months as in the Netherlands. Furthermore the wind is blowing here almost every day. Usually the wind comes from the right (north-north-east) the perfect conditions for kite surfing. This wind is hot, so the warmer it is, the harder it blows here. Usually the winds is blowing 18 knots but can get up to 32 knots.

Kitesurf camp Dakhla

Artikelnr: 20131012KSRD
Destination: Dakhla, Marokko
Period: 18-03-2017 - 26-03-2017 (9 dagen)
Baseprice €1295,-

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